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Difference between generic drugs and brand drugs

The chemical composition of both these types of drugs is the same, but the branded drugs are sold under a brand name whereas the generic drugs are sold under their chemical name. In almost all developed countries, the legal permission to sell a drug is given only to the company that has its FDA patent. No other company can manufacture and sell that drug under any other brand name. However, in India, there were no such rules till 2005 and therefore any company could make the same drug under a different brand name and sell it at any cost. This pattern led to a state where the maximum market share for any drug in India belongs to its branded counterparts, rather than its own generic name. A very simple example of this situation is the Vitamin Folic acid which is priced very low when sold as the generic name “Folic acid” and is priced comparatively higher when sold as a brand “Folivite”. Some people in the medical field feel that branded drugs are more effective than the generic drugs, but no one has proved anything of that sort. As per the majority of the medical fraternity we have spoken to, have said that there is no difference in the effectiveness of these drugs.

Difference between generic drugs and brand drugs

For the famous drugs like Cialis and Viagra, there is no other option for Americans other than to get them from online pharmacies based offshore as the drugs are patent protected in the US. Also, ideally for all non-patented protected drugs, every drugstore must keep the both the generic as well as branded versions of a given drug but in reality it does not happen because of various reasons. The pharmaceutical departments is responsible for creating awareness regarding generic drugs among people, but they have not been very successful in it. In countries like India where the buying power is less, government of India initiated a scheme called as Jan Aushadhi in 2008. Its plan was to set up 3000 such stores across the country that would would sell only generic drugs. As per our latest data, the number of such stores in is over 300.

Examples of price variations in generic and branded drugs

    A generic Amoxycilin is available in the market for 30% of the price of its branded counterpart, LMX and Remox.

    A generic Azithromycin is priced a;most 1/4th the price of the brand Azithral

    Paracetamol is the generic painkiller available for one-fifth of its brand

    Generic Variants of Viagra(Suhagra) is available for 1/12th the price of Viagra but not in all countries causing many to import the generic drugs from offshore pharmacies.

    Generic Variants of Viagra(Tadacip) is available at 8% of the price of Cialis.

    These are just a few common examples with approximate prices. There are a number of other generic drugs present in the market, but we still pay so much more for their branded names because of unawareness.

Why are branded drugs more popular than generic ones ?

Till the time a famous television serial highlighted this concept of generic and branded drugs, very few people in our country even knew about it. Reasons – 

    A number of Doctors, Chemists and other experts of medicine get an incentive from the drug companies when they prescribe their branded drugs, whereas there are no such lucrative offers available for prescribing generic drugs.
    Generic drugs are believed to be ineffective by doctors as well as patients because they are cheap.
    Some popular generic medicines are protected by patents in some countries and so are not sold in those countries
    People do not know about generic drugs and therefore don't ask for them.
    In many countries the patent regulations are binding and hence people are forced to pay high for brand medicines. Even in countries where the patent laws are less stringent, the government has failed to create awareness among people as well as in promoting generic drugs.
    The guidelines have not been kept in mind by the doctors or pharmacologists.

Benefits of generic drugs

Healthcare is a very important part of any developing country. In a country like India, it is still very expensive and not affordable for all and one of its reasons is the unpopularity of generic drugs. If these drugs become known to people and also become easily available to all sectors of our society, the healthcare aspect of our country will surely improve leaps and bounds. The government needs to work more efficiently on the Jan Aushadhi scheme and the MCI guidelines need to be implemented more strongly.